Robert G. Stevenson

Principal, OB-C Group

"The Senate is losing a legend," stated a senior congressional staffer upon the retirement of Bob Stevenson as senior counselor and communications director for United States Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist.  

Senator Frist responded “the Senate is losing a gifted communications professional and an icon on Capitol Hill.”

In fact, throughout his 27-year Senate career, Robert Stevenson was consistently described by congressional observers as one of Capitol Hill’s top and most trusted congressional staffers.  For more than ten-years running he was voted one of Capitol Hill’s “Fab 50” most influential congressional staffers by Roll Call Magazine.  Mr. Stevenson stepped down from his Senate career in 2006, when he retired to serve as a Principal and Partner at The OB-C Group, a boutique government affairs consulting firm.

Mr. Stevenson had joined Senator Frist’s staff in 2002, and not only served as the Majority Leader’s chief spokesman and communications strategist, but also was a valued advisor on legislative and procedural matters.  

Prior to working for the Majority Leader, Mr. Stevenson served for more than ten years as communications director for the U.S. Senate Budget Committee, where he worked as the primary spokesman on all Senate budgetary and fiscal matters.  During that time he also served as national spokesman for the Budget Committee’s Chairman, U. S. Senator Pete Domenici of New Mexico.

Stevenson began his Capitol Hill career in 1980 serving as communications director and political advisor to Senator Warren Rudman of New Hampshire, where he also was appointed to the staff of the Senate’s “Select Committee on the Iran-Contra Affair” in 1987.  Stevenson was also the chief press contact for the Senate Ethics Committee during the 1989 Keating Five investigation.  

In addition to his work on Capitol Hill, Mr. Stevenson also served as a top communications staffer at five Republican National Conventions (1984-2000), was Deputy Communications Director for the Bush-Quayle Presidential campaign in 1992,  and served on the press staff of Senator Bob Dole’s two presidential campaigns (1988 and 1996) where he also assisted with preparation for the Presidential debates.  

Prior to government service, Stevenson was a political reporter and state editor at several New England newspapers.  From 1991-1995 Mr. Stevenson was continually recruited to serve as a “Democracy instructor and political trainer” in Latvia and Lithuania, making repeated annual trips abroad to help forge and strengthen democratic processes and institutions in the former Soviet republics.

A native of Long Island, New York, Mr. Stevenson was graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a major in communications, where he also was a three-year starter on the nationally-ranked UNH lacrosse team.  He remains an active lacrosse player, lacrosse coach and referee. Mr. Stevenson spends time during the summer at his home in New York’s Adirondack Mountains where he is a devoted outdoorsman and conservationist.  He is an enthusiastic golfer, and is a member at the Laurel Hill Golf Club in Lorton, VA and the Glenburnie Golf Club in Glenburnie-on-Lake-George, NY.  

He and his wife Laura live in Alexandria, Va with their three children.